• Albion 3 - 0 QPR, 27.12.2016

    In the 'olden days' (basically before this season) if Brighton were unbeaten in MONTHS, playing at home to a team losing week on week, with all and sundry predicting a routine home win, the battle-weary Albion faithful knew exactly what to expect. Things are different right now. Never, in the 33 seasons I've been religiously rolling up, have the words 'routine', 'home' and 'win' shared a sentence with regularity, except perhaps in the Scunthorpe Observer or the Bury Examiner, dissecting our away travails.

    Last time out I churlishly opined that the victory over Leeds was so comfortable, it lacked excitement. This one wasn't QUITE as much of a stroll - Rangers did at least threaten for a spell of the first half - but it was certainly no nail-biter, as the Albion duly banked the three points required, to top the table at the season's halfway mark.

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