• Albion 2 - 0 THE Leeds United, 09.12.16

    I've filed this under 'Match Reports' but its nothing of the kind really. I've left it too late for anyone to be bothered with a proper report. However, despite not finding the time over the weekend to write it up properly, I HAD done my notes and research, so rather than waste them - some random thoughts and asides, on Friday's game...

    The Result

    Terrific, obviously, and achieved with a complete absence of FUSS, to send the Albion briefly to the summit. I've read a few comments, notably from bitter fans of THE Leeds United, about the atmosphere from the home stands being rather flat. The truth is, a game can't really be both comfortable and a thriller, and this game was the dictionary definition of 'comfortable'. THE Leeds offered close to nothing, as their own club stats acknowledged

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