• Albion 1 - 0 Wolverhampton Wanderers, 19.10.2016

    Work, work, work.

    Too much work, unfortunately = no match report on the excellent win over Barnsley, nor of the ultimately frustrating draw against Preston. The frankly unprofessional finale to that game, left this subsequent home game, feeling like a 'must win' - much as I hate that term - if the Albion were to hold their place in the emerging breakaway pack.

    Difficult to know what to expect from the visitors - a side who followed a 0-4 defeat at home to Barnsley, with a 2-0 win away at Newcastle - but a decent game in prospect, no doubt. A decent crowd there to see it, though significantly lower (especially at kick off) than the 'tickets sold' pretendence, thanks largely to the latest round of never-ending railways industrial bullshit. That and the knock-on effect on the roads, made for a challenging journey for many, some of whom understandably just couldn't face it. My drive weighed in at 2.5 hours - a one hour 'bonus' - arriving breathless at my seat, to the serenade of "You can tell them all, that we stand or fall..."

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