• It's only Bobby bloody Zamora!

    It was like Christmas had arrived early for Albion fans last night as Bobby Zamora was unveiled as a Brighton & Hove Albion player, again, fourteen years after he joined the club on a permanent basis last time round.

    In the intervening years, player and club have wandered differing paths.

    Whilst Bobby Zamora has largely hotfooted it around the Premier League for a quartet of London clubs, the Albion have slowly risen from the Football League doldrums imposed upon it by Stanley, Archer and the now deceased David Bellotti.

    That player and club should be reunited, once again, is the stuff of fairytales.

    At 10:09pm last night the club tweeted, simply, "Bobby is back!" and there would not have been a single Albion fan asking "Bobby who?"

    A #BHAFC party exploded across the internets as Albion fans rejoiced at the news and it is difficult to recall a more joyous outburst than that which followed Zamora's return last night.

    It would be easy to be cynical about this signing. Last season was not an enjoyable one for anyone connected with the club and despite some solid Summer acquisitions, there was not a much of a feel good factor amongst the fanbase as the opening fixture loomed into view.

    Signing Bobby Zamora could be seen as merely delivering a short-term fix, a shot of adrenaline to perk things up again but it is so much more than that and does a disservice to what Zamora continues to deliver. He appeared 33 times for QPR last season and was regularly praised for what he brought to a relegation-haunted side. The knackered, injury-prone old man even had the audacity to score one of the goals of the season.

    It is difficult to describe just what this signing has done to reinvigorate Albion fans with the new season less than 100 hours away. Lacking much of a pre-season means that Zamora may not even feature in Albion's opening fixture. A bench spot, at best may have to suffice.

    Regardless, the sight of Robert Lester Zamora in a Brighton & Hove Albion shirt once again is going be a wonderful, wonderful thing.
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    1. Hotchilidog's Avatar
      Hotchilidog -
      Summed it all up brilliantly.

      It is indeed a wonderful, wonderful thing!
    1. jay d's Avatar
      jay d -
      I could be wrong but didnt naylor say thia deal wouldn't happwn.
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