• Albion Fan Makes Final of Nationwide Punditry Competition

    Today (8th April 2015), Worthing was graced by a visit from a very special guest, in “Gillette Soccer Saturday” and Sky Sport’s very own Jeff Stelling. Jeff Stelling is supporting Southern finalist Kevin Clarke in the People's Pundit, championed by the Carlsberg Fan Squad, and came to visit him in his local pub to give him some top tips on punditry.

    Kevin explained to me the process involved in getting to this stage, which first of all meant submitting a video piece to camera.

    This was followed by a regional semi final last month which our man came through!

    With a boot camp at Wembley in late April, followed by the final in early May, Kevin has a prize of being a pundit on Talksport for the last day of the season to play for, and he is relishing the opportunity of potentially emulating the likes of Mark Saggers and Adrian Durham.

    And what does Kev think of the Albion’s chances? Well, he is of the belief that Chris Hughton is the right choice, and thinks that the main focus is to get through this season, and start to focus on building for the next. And Kev is not alone in believing Hughton to be the ideal fit for the club. “Chris is very underrated” says Jeff. “You only have to look at the conditions he was working under at Newcastle and Birmingham, and the results he got there to see that he has a real talent”.

    On the championship, Jeff was very excited, saying “Usually, when title races are so close, it can be an indicator of a poor division, however in this season’s case it most definitely isn’t. Who on earth would have expected the likes of Bournemouth and Middlesbrough to be where they are right now? I think that they will be the ones that will still be around come the end of the season”.

    Jeff was also very enthusiastic about Derby manager Steve McLaren, saying “With the reports of him potentially going to Newcastle, he would be mad to even consider it, given that he has developed such a strong squad and has had free rein to do what he needs to make them competitive, why on earth would he go to a club that would certainly have a Director of Football governing his transfer policies?”

    I also managed to ask Jeff what current players, in his opinion, would make good pundits after hanging up their boots. “For me” said Jeff, “You can’t look past Frank Lampard. The man has a wealth of experience, is an incredibly intelligent man, and can give some amazing insights into the world of a Premier League footballer. After his time in the US, you can bet that there will be a queue as long as Worthing seafront of channels waiting to snap him up”.

    The mission of the Carlsberg fan squad is to make football better for fans. That's why; if Carlsberg did Pundits…they'd probably be just like you. Jeff Stelling visited Southern finalist, Kevin Clarke, at The Beach House Bar in Worthing to help him prepare for Boot Camp in the People's Pundit, championed by Carlsberg – the official beer of the Premier League. To find out how Kevin and all of our other pundits get on in the race to secure their big break on talkSPORT, or to find details of a regional heat near you, head to ThePeoplesPundit.co.uk. Plus, if you'd like to show your support for Kevin, follow him @kevinClarke_ or via the hashtag #PeoplesPundit

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