• Easter Monday in Rotherham - A rare away trip...

    ...had the Club said the team were spending the morning on the beach I may not have bothered.

    Full respect to the regular away fans - The Argus tells me the last away goal from open play was at Fulham last year. There appeared to be no conviction that was going to change at Rotherham.

    A few thoughts...

    Lewis Dunk - if you have to concede a throw do it. But for a central defender to be out near the corner flag and let a forward (not a winger) turn you and get in a cross is just schoolboy stuff.

    Millers' goal - just far too easy. And had one of their players shown any composure in waiting for the ball to drop further they would have got the second soon after, and that would have been curtains.

    Tactics - Hughton tried something different - two wingers and O'Grady - so fair play to him for that. He was clearly unhappy with O'Grady as during a break in play Hughton called O'Grady over and was berating him. He then took him off at half time.

    It was clear after a couple of promising runs that Carayol's race was run and we expected him to be the one who was subbed - but he then played almost the entire game. And Kaz? He is our most likely source of dynamism but as we all know he is best as an impact sub running at tired legs.

    Hoofball - when did that happen as a tactic? Is Hughton telling them to do that? Stockdale launching it straight down the middle. At one point he waved Bruno away who wanted to take it forward to start an attack. Of course - it came straight back.

    O'Grady - I am not sure we will see him next season. He can hold the ball up and bring others into play, but he looks like he is running in treacle, his turning circle is embarrassing, and the end product is powder-puff.

    The Millers - were shite. It was obvious they were determined to break up every attack and conceded a series of free-kicks ten yards into their half. It was so cynical. Of course the ref was clueless as to what was going on. I bet their wage bill if half ours - so well done to them for the four points taken off us this season. Steve Evans may be a git - but he appears to be a good manager.

    A draw would have been a fair result - and was there for the taking - in fact all three points were available to a competent team.

    Midfield - I was delighted to see the Ince-Stephens-Kayal midfield - but neither Stephens nor Ince had their best games - maybe it was harder work with the two wingers - it would have helped having Calderon on for the second-half. Kayal is a quality player.

    CMS - there is nothing else to say. For a professional player to have such a poor touch (there were chest controls in both the Norwich and Rotherham games that were pitiful) is shameful. I have not idea what our scouting team were doing - but that should have stood out a mile. I was pleased when we signed him - rather assuming that he could control the ball - but hell's teeth. And that "shot" showed he has pretty much given up.

    Leadership - still none. Bruno as captain says it all. Hughton has to address that.

    Body language - terrible - the huddle fools no-one - this is not a team. People are not running for each other. Fingers are pointed, shoulders are shrugged.

    Leon Best - yet again the ball is in play and he is arguing with the officials. Just get on with the game.

    Referee - appeared not to know what was going on. And a laughable attempt at marking out ten yards. Twice. I do hope that is on film somewhere. But the wall could have been 15 yards and we would not have scored. In future - if the wall does start seven yards away - do not just touch it to the side - the wall nearly got to the ball quicker than the shooter.

    Players to keep - Crofts (as captain), Kayam, Stephens, Ince, March, Kaz, Dunk, Halford, Forster-Caskey, Baldock, Walton, (and being generous) Bruno, Calderon,

    Not bothered either way: Stockdale, Bennett (based on wages)

    Get rid: the rest.

    I am looking forward to seeing an attacking team on Friday. I was not really watching, but glancing up at their game at Ipswich - Bournemouth are full of running and were getting numbers attacking, moving, passing, shooting. All the things we don't do.

    I am not sure where any further points are going to come from this season. As fas as I can see - we have given up. We have fallen a long way since the days of "we're effing brilliant" - now the tune in my mind when watching is "effing useless - de-de-de-de-de".

    This started as a couple of points - but it looks like I needed to get things off my chest. I could have just said one thing: Hughton has a big job. To recover from the last twelve months will not be easy. Is he the man? We will see in twelve months - when this division is going to be all the more difficult.
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    1. Dick Knights Mumm's Avatar
      Dick Knights Mumm -
      Wise words. A bit harsh on our Craig,
    1. smiler's Avatar
      smiler -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dick Knights Mumm View Post
      Wise words. A bit harsh on our Craig,
      No it isn't
    1. glasfryn's Avatar
      glasfryn -
      the reason why we are not so effing brilliant any longer is we got shot of all our best players and never replaced them.
      with the likes of Barnes, Alloa, Buckley,Bridcutt,Cook,ect,ect all gone and playing premiership or will be playing very soon,so where has that effing money gone.
      we now have a good efficient manager (lets see if we can hang on to this one) and give HIM the money to spend (if there is any left) and not pick players that the upper management think might do a job.
      for gods sake if we now have an actual manager let him do just that MANAGE
    1. Superphil's Avatar
      Superphil -
      The hoofball approach seems to be part of CHs style, that wasn't the first game this season where hopeful punts were made from the back upfield, we may just need to get used to it
    1. clippedgull's Avatar
      clippedgull -
      Calderon has been listed as one to keep. But if it comes to pass surely he is destined for the subs bench for the majority of a potential one year deal?

      Hopefully something can be found for him working with the younger players longer term.

      CMS.. what can we say? It hasn't worked out for him at all at this club. Maybe we haven't played to his strengths, or maybe, he isn't really all that good at this level. I'm going for the latter.

      I think it will be seen to be shown that Baldock will be similar to CMS, lots expected, but not much delivered. That's allowing for him actually staying off the treatment table.

      O'Grady is just awful, hopefully we can still ship him back up North, if they are still interested.

      So recruitment needs to be made in the summer, but it needs to be intelligent recruitment.
    1. Ernest's Avatar
      Ernest -
      CMS showed with Peterborough he was League 1 at best and it was a shame we won the bidding war.

      We need to be ruthless and get rid of all the deadwood now
    1. Geriatric Seagull's Avatar
      Geriatric Seagull -
      It's hard to disagree with any of that report. It reads like so many others this season. Too many of the thirty something players used are average at best, while the likes of Greer, Calderon and Bruno have all had their day. Too many of our better players have been moved on and replaced by the mediocre squad we have now. As far as who stays, the list seems about right although I can't believe that there aren't better left backs out there than Bennett. To my mind, a full back is primarily a defender -he can't defend and is too easily beaten by anyone with a bit of pace. Major surgery is needed in the summer-and early enough to ensure that a solid team is in place for the start of the season and not halfway through September.
    1. R. Slicker's Avatar
      R. Slicker -
      I can open numerous threads on here and read negativity and criticism of the players. The points raised may be entirely correct. call me old fashioned but I would prefer match reports to report on the match.
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