• Ninety minute performances hold the key for Albion

    Sami Hyypia believes his Albion team have what it takes to turn the corner if only they can begin to turn out consistent ninety minute performances.

    Albion's season has been characterised by defensive mistakes, lapses of concentration and periods where opponents have been allowed to get themselves back into games. Hyypia's team have been particularly vulnerable to conceding immediately following times when they have scored themselves.

    Looking ahead to tonight's key clash with Millwall, Hyypia revealed that despite the club sitting in the relegation zone, there is still a positive atmosphere within his squad, who are training well: "In training we have had good intensity. I canít see any reason why we wouldnít be able to do it in games.

    "We have struggled a little bit to bring it for the ninety minutes. We have spells in the game where we are playing very well, and then we have spells where we seem to be a little bit passive and not having intensity.

    "Thatís very difficult to explain why that it is. We need everyone up for the task for ninety minutes and not forty-five."

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