• Albion's hotel plans still under consideration

    It's been over a year since the Albion first announced tentative plans to build a 120-room hotel and student accommodation alongside the club's Amex home, and it's all gone quiet since the City's ruling Green Party announced intentions to work with the club.

    The Albion make use of the stadium no more than 30 times a year and it was designed and built to offer an attractive home for events of all kinds and scale. The fly in that particular ointment has been the inability to offer sleeping quarters for those who stage multi-day events, something identified by Albion chief executive when the club revealed their plans: "We are constantly looking at ways we can continue to grow the club, its revenue streams and ways to help progress our ambition of the Albion playing at the top level - and Martin [Perry] and his team have put together outline plans for the two developments.

    "Being able to accommodate guests overnight is a key factor in this business sector, and this would enable us to significantly strengthen and build our non-matchday events revenue through the stadium."

    In his recent interview with Johnny Cantor of BBC Sussex, Albion chairman once again touched upon the hotel's plans and how it could help provide a financial boost for the club: "The hotel is something we are still looking at. We need to make sure it makes sense from a financial point of view. If the hotel does get built it will certainly help with non-match day hospitality which builds up revenues. We do want the venue to be used as much as possible."

    With many away fans building a weekend in the City around their fixture with Brighton, the hotel would also prove popular with those who would like to roll out of their beds for the match after a late Friday night enjoying Brighton's numerous late-night bars and clubs.

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    1. Goldstone1976's Avatar
      Goldstone1976 -
      I can see how the hotel could significantly help non-match day revenues by providing overnight accommodation for multi-day business types - conferences etc., but I'm less convinced that football fans would use it. While there must be many folk who would like to make a weekend of it in Brighton, surely most would choose to stay somewhere in the centre (perhaps a B&B?), which would most likely be considerably cheaper than the pricing at AMEX hotel. Also, the free match-day transport would further encourage them to do so.

      No doubt, some would use it, but imo not that many...
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