• Adrian Colunga in video

    Adrian Colunga is expected to join the Albion in coming days. La Liga outfit Getafe are likely to release the Spanish striker, allowing him to join Sami Hyypia's men in a two-year deal.

    We did what anyone would do in these situations, and search YouTube. Here's the best of what we found.

    Colunga features for Getafe v Albion in 2012/13 pre-season friendly

    Highlights reel featuring a lot of his goals [7m 14s]

    2012/13 Highlights reel [3m 20s]

    Video magazine piece [2m 51s]

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    1. Gully Forever's Avatar
      Gully Forever -
      He looks like a real quality signing to me!.
    1. Silk's Avatar
      Silk -
      Rodriguez looked good on you tube as well.
    1. Papa Lazarou's Avatar
      Papa Lazarou -
      Some very good goals in there. Mainly right footed, but also can score with his left. Goals v Real and Barca can't be bad
    1. GT49er's Avatar
      GT49er -
      It says at the top, "Colunga features for Getafe v Albion in 2012/13 pre-season friendly" - so how come Ulloa was playing? He didn't join us until January 2013, did he? Chicksen didn't join until 2013 either, if my memory is correct.
    1. Dick Knights Mumm's Avatar
      Dick Knights Mumm -
      On the first highlights on 5:14 - that is a peach. He goes past the keeper - it is an acute angle with a defender covering - so he chips the defender. That is class.
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