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    A group of PSV Eindhoven fans let their club know what they thought about the installation of WiFi in their Philips Stadion home. As their team strolled to a 6-1 victory over NAC Breda in their season opener, some of PSV's more vocal supporters unfurled a banner displaying a rather blunt message to club bosses.

    Fortunately, the installation of WiFi at the Amex has been greeted somewhat more favourably by Albion fans, many of whom have struggled for any sort of connectivity on match days since the stadium opened three years ago.

    The club have teamed up with SkyBet and The Cloud to offer free connectivity thoughout the stadium, allowing fans to engage via social media, check other Championship scores and, well, do pretty much anything they like.

    The system is live now, with an official launch taking place on 30th August when the Albion host Charlton at the Amex. Ahead of that, we asked The Cloud for some tips on how best to connect to the network.

    Fans should pay particular attention to the 'How do I connect to the network?' question below by downloading the FastConnect app and setting themselves up before they set off for the Amex.

    Is WiFi at the AMEX stadium free?
    WiFi at the Amex stadium is free of charge. You can access The Cloud throughout the concourses and in the bowl area. Note The Cloud service is not currently available in hospitality, in the shop or in Dicks bar.

    Is registration required?
    Registration is required to use the WiFi in any of our venues. You only need to register once to enjoy The Cloud's WiFi service and access it in all of The Cloud's venues. You then log on using your username/password, rather than take time re-registering through the whole process again.

    How do I connect to the network?
    1. Make sure WiFi is turned on, on your device
    2. Choose The Cloud from the available networks
    3. Open your browser and The Cloud log on page will appear
    4. Log on or register your details

    To auto-connect to WFi in Cloud hotspots (including the AMEX Stadium) on your compatible iOS or Android device, you can download The Cloudís FastConnect app. Once youíve registered your phone you will just auto-connect.

    Why does it log me off after 15 minutes?
    If you donít use the WiFi for 15 minutes you will automatically be logged off. To avoid this download the FastConnect app and you wonít need to keep entering your details.

    I am seeing the Lost in The Cloudís message
    This log in problem mainly occurs with smartphones. We have found that this issue can be resolved by amending your "cookies" settings on your device. Please perform the following:

    Clear your History, Cookies and Cache all in the Safari tab in Settings.
    Settings > Safari > 'Clear History' and 'Clear Cookies and Data'

    Open the browser options screen.
    Scroll down to General Properties and click to open.
    Click to open the Cache menu.
    Scroll down to Clear Content Caches and click to clear the cache and
    Return to the General Properties screen.

    Open a browser
    Menu>more>settings then clear cache, and clear all cookie data.

    I am experiencing problems getting online, who should I contact?
    The Cloud website is whitelisted meaning you can visit the site without being logged in to The Cloud. Visit http://www.thecloud.net/free-wifi/support/ if you need to contact a member of the support team.

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    1. Gully Forever's Avatar
      Gully Forever -
      One of the main reasons WI-Fi is welcomed at the Amex, is because some of the mobile networks have problems in the valley!.
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