• Steve Cotterill struggles to keep transfer dealings private. Again.

    Only yesterday, Bristol City boss Steve Cotterill hit out at the Albion for going public in their pursuit of last season's League One top-scorer Sam Baldock. Speaking after City signed Kieran Agard from Rotherham, Cotterill said: "I've got a sneaky feeling that there might be a twist in this tale, because whilst all the offers have come from Brighton - and somehow they get to be made public which is disappointing."

    The bizarre thing about this accusation is there can be few clubs as secretive as the Albion when it comes to transfer activity. It seems highly likely that the Seagulls have an interest in Baldock but there is no word, anywhere, from the club that confirms this.

    It hasn't taken Cotterill long to speak out, again, despite saying only yesterday: "We like to try and keep our business in house and keep everything private."

    In taking part in the ice bucket challenge, Cotterill wavers over naming Albion manager Sami Hyypia "because he keeps bidding on my striker." In the end, he nominates Mario Balotelli before taking the customary dunking.

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      c0lz -
      lol We seem to be getting more information from Steve Cotterill than we are from our own club.
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