• Albion get involved in the ice bucket challenge

    Albion players and staff have been getting involved in the ALS ice bucket challenge craze that is sweeping the globe currently. The rules are simple: receiving a soaking with icy cold water and then nominate others to do the same. Everyone involved donates money to charity, in this case ALS Association, an American charity working to help those affected with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

    David Stockdale

    Ice water rating: 2 (was there any ice?)
    Bravery: 2 (ducking straight into warm water)
    Nominations: 5
    David Stockdale Total: 9/30

    Jeffrey Monakana

    Ice/water rating: 0
    Bravery: 0
    Nominations: 3
    Jeffrey Monakana Total: 3/30

    Rohan Ince

    Ice/water rating: 8
    Bravery: 8
    Nominations: 6
    Rohan Ince Total: 22/30

    Kazenga LuaLua

    Ice /water rating: 3
    Bravery: 3
    Nominations: 5
    Kazenga LuaLuaTotal: 11/30

    Kemy Agustien

    Ice /water rating: 3
    Bravery: 6
    Nominations: 6
    Kemy Agustien Total: 15/30

    Paul Beirne

    Ice /water rating: 6
    Bravery: 7
    Nominations: 10 (default score for Paul Barber nomination)
    Paul Bierne Total: 24/30

    Lewis Dunk

    Ice water rating: 2
    Bravery: 5
    Nominations: 6
    Lewis DunkTotal: 13/30
    Paul Beirne takes the lead so far, helped by his nomination of Paul Barber. Have you spotted any more Albion ice bucket challenge contenders? Let us know in the comments and we'll include them.
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    1. chaileyjem's Avatar
      chaileyjem -
      Good stuff. Rohan Ince by a mile.

      PS: Whats Paul Beirne's new job at the Albion ?
    1. BBassic's Avatar
      BBassic -
      Rohan Ince smashed it.
    1. Paulbeirne's Avatar
      Paulbeirne -
      So ... What do I win?
    1. Bozza's Avatar
      Bozza -
      Quote Originally Posted by Paulbeirne View Post
      So ... What do I win?
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