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    Danny Holla has conducted his first interview since signing a three-year deal with the Albion and revealed he is fit and ready to get immediately involved in first team action. The Dutchman has joined up with the Albion squad at St George’s Park, which the club are using as a base between Saturday’s Birmingham game and tomorrow evening’s Championship clash at Leeds United.

    Asked about how the move to Brighton happened, Holla revealed he visited the Seagulls' new Lancing training facility and immediately had a good feeling about the club.

    Having now completed his move to the Albion, Danny has completed a couple of training sessions as he familiarises himself with his new team mates. Holla says he is fit having undertaken some pre-season training with his previous club Den Haag, and is hoping to be selected for the Elland Road fixture.

    Holla describes himself as a midfielder who likes to get on the ball and can pass both long and short. Albion fans researching his past will have noted he is a useful dead ball player, and he confirmed he will be looking to take free-kicks and expects to contribute some much-needed goals for the Albion.

    Both the city and the football club are new to Danny, but he commented that he is aware of the large Amex crowds and is looking forward to playing in front of the Brighton fans and he hopes to have his first run-out on home turf on Saturday when Albion face Bolton Wanderers.

    Speaking about the Championship, the 26-year-old contrasted a slow, technical style of play in the Dutch league with the high intensity games he hopes to be involved in, having seen some Championship football on the television in Holland before his move.

    It would be no surprise see Holla on the bench tomorrow night, giving Sami Hyypia another option as he searches both for his first Albion league goal and his first Albion point.

    The full interview can be watched on Seagulls Player.


    Danny Holla: A Dutch Perspective

    Danny Holla signs for Albion
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