• Danny Holla: A Dutch Perspective

    Danny Holla arrived at the Albion today in a surprise move to many. Few were expecting a strengthening of central midfield numbers with the ongoing issues at left-back and lack of any real goal-scoring quality seemingly more pressing matters for the club's recruitment team. Danny Holla has been playing his trade most recently at ADO Den Haag in the Dutch top division before leaving the club at the end of the last season. Few Albion fans will be aware of Danny Holla prior to today, but one man who knows all about him is Werner who runs the Dutch Seagulls website. We asked Werner a few questions about the club’s latest recruit.

    Tell us about Danny Holla.
    Danny Holla is a good player, and I think he could comfortably play for any Dutch team chasing European football, except the top 3 teams [Ajax, Feyenoord and PSV Eindhoven]. It’s unlikely that he would play for a team like Ajax, or PSV but for any of the teams playing between 5th and 9th in the Eredivisie, Danny Holla would be a good signing.

    What are his strengths?
    Holla can distribute the ball very well. He is a good passer and has a great shot, including free-kicks. He can read the game well and can both play in a holding role and also play in a more attacking position in central midfield. He has a positive mentality, he works hard is a good reader of the game.

    Does he have any weaknesses?
    Holla can play well in a central holding position in midfield, but he’s not the best tackler. He also won’t take the ball on long dribbles. His strength is definitely in a central role and he shouldn’t be played out wide.

    He seems to have a reasonable goal-scoring record.
    Most of his goals have come from free-kicks and penalties. I remember the Crofts goal against Southampton, Gus Poyet’s first game at Brighton. That could easily have been a Holla goal. Even if Holla doesn’t take free-kicks and penalties for Brighton, I think he will score 7 or 8 games a season.

    Why did he leave Den Haag at the end of last season?
    Holla could have renewed his contract at ADO Den Haag, but he decided it was time to move on and try a new adventure somewhere else in a new environment. He had also been injured during part of last season.

    He sounds a great player - why has no one else in Holland picked him up?
    Holla was one of the better players available on free transfer this Summer and I’m not really sure why he’s not signed for another club before now. With today’s news, some of my friends have been very surprised that Holla has joined a team not playing in a top league, though I know there is a big difference between the Dutch and English leagues. But I am sure fans of most Dutch teams would really would have been pleased to see Holla join heir teams.

    He comes to Brighton as a free agent, so no transfer fee is involved. If he had 2-3 years on a contract, what do you think he would he be worth?
    Players from Holland are cheaper than in the English leagues. I would think that when he plays for a team like ADO, he’d be worth about £1m-£1.5m. If he was playing in England I’d see his value as £2m-£2.5m.

    What should Albion fans expect when we see him play?
    A hardworking midfielder who reads the game well. If allowed to take free-kicks, he will score some nice goals.

    Should Albion fans be pleased at Holla joining us?
    I think we all should be - he’s a good player joining for no transfer fee. Albion have a lot of midfielders now, but I would expect to see a fit Holla in the starting line-up. He will also be able to help and guide the younger player like Rohan Ince and JFC - he was captain for ADO during his time there. Better still, with no fee spent on Holla, hopefully that means more money left to bring in a left-back and some quality up front!

    Thanks to Werner for giving up some of his Sunday to help us out. You can follow Dutch Seagulls on Twitter.
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    1. Green Cross Code Man's Avatar
      Green Cross Code Man -
      Excellent article. I have great hopes for Holla given the general level of technical ability of Dutch footballers.
    1. DarrenFreemansPerm's Avatar
      DarrenFreemansPerm -
      Good insight from somebody who actually knoew wtf they're talking about.
    1. Rich Suvner's Avatar
      Rich Suvner -
      Aha, some informed opinion. Sounds promising. Good stuff.
    1. Brighton Lines's Avatar
      Brighton Lines -
      It's the only considered opinion we have to go on. I'll sleep well on that. Hopefully he will fulfil his potential.
    1. lawros left foot's Avatar
      lawros left foot -
      Thanks for that, really happy with this signing
    1. glasfryn's Avatar
      glasfryn -
      thats the words I want to hear"good reader of the game" someone we have not had for a while maybe Bridcutt was but without the experience.
      can be Hyypia's ears and eyes on the pitch, looks a good signing especially if he is free
    1. Mattywerewolf's Avatar
      Mattywerewolf -
      Finally some facts rather than the normal rants in NSC from google experts
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