• Hyypia making excuses already?

    Amongst the “he was free so he must be rubbish” response to Brighton’s latest signing, Danny Holla, one comment jumped out to me, but I’ve not seen it mentioned anywhere elsewhere on NSC including the 21,000+ view, and counting, main thread.

    Let’s look at a part of the club’s own statement on www.seagulls.co.uk:

    Albion boss Sami Hyypia said, "Danny is a player who has plenty of top-flight experience in Holland with more than 200 senior appearances, and that experience is something we need.

    "He is a deep-lying midfielder and the scouting reports I have seen on him show he likes to get on the ball, pass it and dictate the play – and I hope he can bring that to the team.

    "He's not been with a club during pre-season, so we will need to assess where is in terms of his match fitness, but hopefully we can get him up to speed and ready to go."

    The comment that immediately caught me eye is contained within that second sentence: “the scouting reports I have seen on him show he likes to get on the ball, pass it and dictate the play”.

    Having read Oscar Garcia’s barbed comments in The Argus exclusive shortly after he left the club, these words from our new manager could be cause for concern. Is the extent of Hyypia’s knowledge of Danny Holla limited to scouting reports that, presumably, passed over his desk from David Burke? Has he ever actually seen Holla play? Is he really a target of Sami himself?

    With 14 days to go, it’s been a less then stellar Summer for the club in the transfer market which has led to questions being asked about the whole process of player acquisition at the club. David Burke, who largely works outside of the public eye, has become a popular target for the Albion’s keyboard boo boys but comments like Sami’s in relation to Holla will do little to dampen the negative sentiment that abounds.

    If it all goes horribly wrong for Hyypia at Brighton, as it did for Oscar Garcia, it already feels as though he will be using the same scapegoat as his predecessor.

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    1. TSB's Avatar
      TSB -
      Yeah. Disagree entirely with the slant you've put on it.
      Some players are picked by the manager and some are picked by the recruiting team, on direct instructions from the manager. David Burke has explained this previously and Tony Bloom alluded to it at the last Fans Forum.
      He's not had a club over the summer so how was Hyypia meant to watch him?
      Why the negative undertones?
    1. KZNSeagull's Avatar
      KZNSeagull -
      Could it be that these scouting reports include new-fangled technologies like videos?
    1. The_Viper's Avatar
      The_Viper -
      I wouldn't call 6th place a horribly wrong season for an otherwise passionless OG either.
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