• Albion lose again, world ends

    Brighton lost 1-0 to Birmingham today leaving them goalless and pointless after two games of the new Championship season.

    Albion fans can take consolation that the world is going to end imminently which seems to be a far more attractive proposition than supporting a football club playing in one of the best grounds in the country, with the biggest crowds in the division, with training facility recently voted the best there is and a lifelong fan carefully nurturing the club they love.

    The impending cataclysmic loss of Planet Earth and all life upon it is widely seen as a positive for Albion fans as it will put them out of their dreadful misery. Surely no group of people has ever had it as bad as Brighton fans tonight, a whole one week into the season.

    Enjoy these last few moments of life with those you hold dear.
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    1. Sam Ovett's Avatar
      Sam Ovett -
      Thank you Bozza
    1. Driver8's Avatar
      Driver8 -
      Glad I didn't bother getting Leeds tickets then.
    1. c0lz's Avatar
      c0lz -
      keeping 26,000 + season tickets holders happy is a tall order.
    1. Papa Lazarou's Avatar
      Papa Lazarou -
      Well done @Bozza especially after the cider
    1. Diego Napier's Avatar
      Diego Napier -
    1. Jam The Man's Avatar
      Jam The Man -
      Good stuff. Shame our less intelligent fans won't get the irony.
    1. somerset's Avatar
      somerset -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jam The Man View Post
      Good stuff. Shame our less intelligent fans won't get the irony.
      Shame our lesser intelligent fans actually manage to post at all.
    1. Codner's Wallop's Avatar
      Codner's Wallop -
      I've completed some research here; only four clubs in the history of the world has lost its opening two fixtures.
    1. Pinkie Brown's Avatar
      Pinkie Brown -
      I thoroughly agree with the author - We are surely doomed? We have never had it so bad.

      How I yearn for the days of floundering around the bottom of Division Four, Archer and Bellotti plus when of course, when we played at a 'proper' stadium - Priestfield.
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