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    There was little doubt anyway, but after tonight's Capital One Cup victory over dogged Cheltenham, Sami Hyypia all but confirmed that Will Buckley was departing the Amex, the stadium he christened so wonderfully with the first and second Albion goals.

    Speaking to BBC Sussex Sport after the Albion progressed through to the second round of the Cup, Sami was asked about Will Buckley's absence from the Albion squad tonight, and his responses were quite clear cut.

    Speaking about Buckley's absence, Hyypia confirmed that "He wasn't available for selection" tonight. When pressed further, as to why he continued "I know the reason and I hope, well I think we will announce the reason later on."

    The Buckley post-goal saunter will be missed

    Will Buckley has delivered some memorable moments to Albion fans over the course of his three (and a little bit) years with the club, and it will be sad to see him go. On his day he is a match winner of a quality that has Albion fans asking each other "did he really just do that?" but those days seems to have become more and more infrequent. As with the recent sale of Leonardo Ulloa to Leicester, you can be sure that the Albion will wring every last piece of value from the deal but two questions still being asked across Sussex are:

    When will that money be spent?

    Where is the quality going to come from?
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    1. glasfryn's Avatar
      glasfryn -
      whenever he goes he will never be forgotten for those two goals, still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
    1. Dick Knights Mumm's Avatar
      Dick Knights Mumm -
      Yep. Makes me eyes water. Thanks Will.
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