• One Club. One Ambition. (One Vision. Fried Chicken.)

    "One Club. One Vision" - the over-sized words, accompanied by the Albion's current pinup boy, Jake Forster-Caskey, greets Albion fans as they approach the refitted and Nike-d up club shop at the Amex.

    There has been some light fun poked at just what the new strap line could mean, which is cropping up on many things the club currently output, as well as some more serious discussion.

    "One Club, League One Ambition" has been suggested, as supporters express growing concern at the strength of the Albion's squad after a disappointing season opener whilst "One Club. One Manager a Season." needs no further explanation.

    It's a sign of the modern footballing times that many aspects of big business have become associated with football clubs that, in the past, wouldn't have known a mission statement from a SWOT Analysis Matrix (no, neither do we).

    With Albion Chief Executive bombarded with emails about every aspect of the club on a daily basis, he was bound to have been been asked just what it all meant, and which ambition all those connected with the Albion should share. And so it proved, and he was happy to share with us a response to one such query he had received.

    The slogan: One Club. One Ambition. is a marketing strap line to accompany the launch of a new technical partnership with Nike and a kit deal that embraces and supplies all areas of our football club – men’s, women’s and academy teams.

    As such, the meaning of One Club is pretty obvious. One Ambition is also fairly easy to grasp. It’s simply for all of our teams – making up One Club - to each be playing at the highest level they can in their respective areas.

    Achieving Category 1 status for the American Express Elite Football Performance Centre realises the first aspect of our ambition for our Academy teams as they will now be playing against the best clubs in the country from the most junior level to under 21. Seeing our women’s team progress to the WSL would realise another aspect of our club’s ambition.

    Clearly, for the club as a whole, seeing our men’s team reach the Premier League, and maintain this status, will be the critical element of completing our One Ambition.

    So there we have it. It shouldn't be anything that surprises many Albion fans. Tony Bloom's investment has transformed the Albion from the slightly amateur cottage industry that called the Withdean home a little over three years ago, and that goal has been clear to many..

    Quite how well the 25,000 or regulars that still pack out the Amex believe this stated ambition very much depends on how successful the club are in the transfer market over the next 2-3 weeks. Over to you Messrs Bloom, Burke and Hyypiä...
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    1. MattBackHome's Avatar
      MattBackHome -
      Category 1 status, Women's team reaching WSL, Men's team reaching PL... Sounds like 3 ambitions to me.
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