• Making the effort to create a lasting memory - well done BHA!

    I just wanted to post to tell our tale of yesterday evening....

    Congratulations on the result however my son was the biggest winner last night and for that I owe all my gratitude to BHA for their efforts that have left an ever lasting memory which is a credit to everything you are striving to achieve.

    I am a Peterborough United fan from Worthing and attended the game in the away support with my father (a fan for over 50 years), my son aged 9 (has also adopted the family passion for the “The Posh”) and brother (Posh/Brighton)

    My son took a walk to take his first view inside the stadium to which he was amazed, whilst Dad, Grandad and Uncle enjoyed a pre match drink. Little did we know how our evening was to change and the incredible experience my son was about to have courtesy of BHA.

    We suddenly turned to see my son being led by a female steward towards us, him looking a little worried and me thinking uh oh, what has he been up to. Of course he had done nothing and she simply approached to say that Peterborough did not have a mascot and would we be happy to allow him to, and would he like to be the Peterborough mascot that evening. Of course, we had no objection and once it had sunk in with him the excitement grew across his face.

    From there he was led away to get ready, being provided with BHS shorts and socks (turned inside out so not displaying the seagulls). Out he went on to the pitch for a kick about before returning to the tunnel to lead the Peterborough united team out, have his photo taken with his favourite player and have the photos taken with the match officials and sponsors before his energetic run back to the tunnel from where he was escorted back to us with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on his face.

    This is an absolute credit to BHA for the whole experience we had. I am sure most clubs in the country would not care that the away team had not brought a mascot and would nothing would have been done. Not last night with the effort required being made and an experience being created that will be a lifelong memory to 3 generations of a family, particularly for myself as I was able to recall when I was myself a POSH mascot when I was my sons age 28 years ago almost to the day.

    I was made to feel proud and I am therefore obliged to write this regarding our experience as BHA should be proud of taking actions to create experiences such as this.

    This is what football should be about and only strengthens the “community” stature they are striving to achieve although from our experience I feel they are already achieving this.

    I hope other clubs read this, and if not doing so already, start to create the same experiences around the country when the opportunity arises. It just takes a little effort that perhaps most would not expect or be able to explain in this day and age but leaves an ever lasting memory from an amazing experience.

    Well Done BHA!!!

    P.S. My son was allowed to keep the shorts and socks, although he did say he may like to sell them ;-) (which of course I will not allow him to do and they will be kept as memorabilia of the evening)
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    1. Tim Over Whelmed's Avatar
      Tim Over Whelmed -
      Lovely story and don't forget "The Posh" can always be his 2nd Team!!!!
    1. Return of the Rev's Avatar
      Return of the Rev -
      Quote Originally Posted by southernposh View Post
      through bha. The club contacted me to see if we were willing to go in and then put the bbc in contact
      What you mean they
      How very barberish of them.
    1. madinthehead's Avatar
      madinthehead -
      Always nice to hear something happy on here.. Recently been too much doom and gloom..
    1. Greg Bobkin's Avatar
      Greg Bobkin -
      Great story. Glad you all enjoyed your trip to the AMEX.
    1. bernardo's Avatar
      bernardo -
      What a wonderful story!. I have nothing but praise for everyone who works at the Amex. Thanks to the generosity of Gullycats in this forum, my son and I had the chance to watch the Albion for the very first time and, even though I've never flown in bussiness or first class, or stayed at a very fancy hotel, I can't imagine a more enjoyable experience than ours on Tuesday night. Since the very first moment that we arrived at the stadium, from the steward who so kindly offered himslf to accompany us to the reception; the receptionist who did all in her hands, including allowing me to talk to the office on the phone, to make sure that the details went through, the person from the office who came down all the way to bring us the tickets and so wholeheartedly and with a sincere smile wished us to "enjoy the game" to the steward who showed us to our sits, everyone made us feel so wellcome that I thought I was a kid in Disneyland. Being the Seagulls a Championship side ( soon to be promoted! Up with the Albion! ) it's no wonder that the Premiership has kept its status of best league in the world for so long now.
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