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    Published on 25-07-2021 11:40

    Brighton is playing against the Rangers on Saturday 24th of July, Getafe on 7th of August, Burnley on 14th of August, Watford on 21st of August, and Everton on 28th of August. Rangers vs Brighton & Hove Albion can be watched on Rangers TV, Burnley versus Brighton & Hovel Albion on Optus Sport, Brighton & Hove Albion versus Watford on Sky Go UK, NOW, SKY GO, EXTRA and Sky Sports Premier League, and Brighton ...
    Published on 05-07-2021 11:05
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    Thanks to smartphones connecting to 4G or 5G networks, we can get online from just about anywhere. You could be waiting for kick-off in the North Stand of the Amex, checking your messages, making a TikTok video, or placing a bet on the match.

    Gaming on the go is increasing, with people playing on their favourite apps or visiting gaming sites. Recently, a new immersive experience popped up at Brighton Palace Pier that took outdoor gaming to a new level.

    Brighton Palace
    Published on 23-06-2021 08:38

    2020 was an arduous year for Brighton and Hove Albion. However, they entered 2021 with renewed optimism. Fans are now allowed back at The Ames, and Graham Potter has coached his team into playing some amazing football. In fact, Brighton and Hove Albion look like a completely different team to the one we saw last year.

    Although currently 16th in the Premier League, Brighton and Hove Albion have had some noteworthy performances
    by Published on 15-05-2021 07:52
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    That's it, we’re safe and live to play another season in the Premier League. In reality we should have a healthy cushion over Fulham at the end of the season, though at the turn of the year, with barely a gap and only two wins, many including myself were worried we were in danger. Those who were more optimistic and long term then have been proven right, to a degree, yet for all the talk of progress being made it’s hard to escape the feeling that we’ve underachieved. Are we really a 17th place (or so) side? More importantly, what needs to change next season ...
    Published on 22-03-2021 09:21

    Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. holds the 16th position in the 2020/2021 season with 32 points. Just like other top clubs, Brighton is fighting against abusive social media users as online hate continues spreading. The Premier League club recently decided to delete 100 posts per week from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and its website. Read on to learn more about the abusive posts ...
    by Published on 13-03-2021 08:31

    Now I want to start off by saying that this really isn’t an article about the rights and wrongs of government policy or lockdown itself. We are where we are and I support the need to stay safe and look after others. Given that needs to happen then *some* football is better than no football. Imagine this with only constant re-runs of Eastenders and The X Factor on telly. There are despotic ...
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    “Long hot summer days, travelling out far.
    That driving music makes us feel,
    more than we ever are”

    So here I am. Just another juvenile delinquent hanging out in the park watching my mates play football. The only thing that could make the scene more surprising would be if I was actually playing football myself. St Ann’s Well Gardens is a quiet out of the way park. All levelled gardens and secluded tree-lined areas. It even has a sensory garden or garden for the blind. Something like that anyway. It smells nice. I happily watch the others having a kick about. The sun is pounding down on me, making my head spin. Well, that may have been the joints we were smoking earlier. As I watch them ...
    by Published on 28-02-2021 13:44

    What if every team in the English Premier League could clone one of their star players to fill every single outfield position? To be fair, every team starts with an average goalkeeper. That is 20 goalkeepers of equal abilities. Who would the traditional top six sides choose, and who would eventually win the title? This is nothing like the fantasy FPL in your favourite online casino, but a
    by Published on 24-02-2021 10:50

    The 0-0 draw with Aston Villa in February was almost a perfect template of Brighton’s 2020/21 season so far – lots of high-quality chances created, none scored.

    Alexis Mac Allister, Joel Veltman and Dan Burn all missed straightforward opportunities to find the net, and all told the Seagulls fired in 26 efforts at the Villains’ goal – their highest tally ever in a Premier League goal.

    For those who enjoy advanced statistics, Brighton recorded
    Published on 20-01-2021 14:01

    Many of us are waiting too see what will happen in the future and how long the Corona-virus will keep us hostage. It has been a rough half year, and unfortunately it does not look like it is ending anytime soon. However, it can be nice to talk to people about or, or perhaps about something completely ...
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    "Your pops caught you smoking, and he says, "No way!"
    That hypocrite smokes two packs a day”

    I am neatly folding my t-shirts, one for each day I am going to be away. Mum walks in looking stressed, “Now honey are you sure you are going to be okay for the whole week?”
    I take a breath to speak.
    “You’ve never even been to a sleepover.”
    I take another breath
    “And this Dutch Rod? Have I even met him? How long have you known him”
    I take three long slow breaths.
    “You can always ring me to come and get you.” She half-smiles, tilts her head a little and breathes out through a small mouth. ...
    Published on 16-12-2020 12:45

    Danny Welbeck is one of those players that seems to have been around forever. He has played for six different clubs since 2008, and has also been on the international stage since 2006 when he was picked for the England U-17 side. While many people may have suspected he was nearing retirement, the Manchester-born forward is actually only 30 years old. Injury troubles have stunted Welbeck’s progress over the years, but ...
    by Published on 07-11-2020 10:25
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    NSC is currently full of debate around whether we are under achieving and, if we are, is it Graham Potter’s fault. One thing that some have said, supposedly in Potter’s favour is that the squad of players we have are not good enough. But does that hold up? Here I go through Friday night’s team and their direct competition, player by player to see if that holds water. Let’s start with the keeper.

    Mat Ryan

    Too small. It’s an NSC trope with some using it ironically and others using it as a stick to beat with, but in reality it’s Ryan’s Moneyball weakness. Just as Oakland didn’t care if you threw funny or were old so long as you can get on base, so we have gone for a keeper with good reflexes and
    Published on 28-09-2020 16:23

    Staying in the Premier League will be the priority for Brighton this season, there’s no doubt about that. But what every fan will be hoping for is a solid League Cup and FA Cup run. With the League Cup draw for rounds two and three being quite favourable for the Seagulls, there’s always a chance of avoiding the big guns until the last four. Then, as we’ve seen in past years, anything can happen at that stage. Let’s run through both competitions, starting with the most exciting cup competition ...
    by Published on 08-09-2020 08:30  Number of Views: 720 
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    “Lazy Sunday afternoon.
    I've got no mind to worry.
    Close my eyes and drift away.”

    The sun is proudly sitting in a clear blue spring sky. All the clouds are burnt away and nothing is getting in the way of the warmth bringing joy to the world. My weekend has been a good one. Yesterday mum and I went into town and she bought be a Rolling Stones songbook, a punk songbook and one that contained a load of 80’s indie songs. This contained ...

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