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  1. The Brexit Thread
  2. Who is the worst type of Tory?
  3. Tommy Robinson serial criminal jailed again
  4. Fiona Onasanya
  5. Proms. Last night.
  6. No Priti Patel Thread?
  7. PMQ - Boris v Starmer - Spider And The Fly
  8. All Lives Matter
  9. Is no statue safe?
  10. Rt. Hon Priti Patel MP (Racism)
  11. Politically, are you left or right wing?
  12. Whites
  13. Bear /Snake Pit Now....
  14. Just how awful is this government? June 2020 edition
  15. Excluded from the Bear Pit
  16. Mass stabbings in Reading
  17. "White Lives Matter Burnley" banner flown over the Etihad
  18. Leciester v Brighton MOM
  19. Oi Mods I want credit for saving you time - The Pound is now an emerging market currency
  20. Trouble in Brixton .
  21. Rebbeca Wrong Daily
  22. Makes you proud
  23. Bernie Ecclestone says black people are often 'more racist' than white people
  24. Wimpy Portslade
  25. Private Prosecution of Dominic Cummins...
  26. Is this going a bit too far?
  27. Lord Beefy
  28. Peerages for Brexiters, Knighthoods for Tax dodgers
  29. The Black Lives Matter thread
  30. So has a separate subforum for racism,antisemitism, homophobia and Nazism worked ?
  31. Rename The Bear Pit
  32. Joe Biden
  33. Brighton & Hove City Council Vote of No Confidence Petition
  34. UK Sports Walkout
  35. Shut up For The Sake of Diversity
  36. SNP and George Galloway.
  37. Jacob Blake's mum apologises to Trump
  38. Lineker Lodge
  39. Britain 'opting out' of European Convention on Human Rights ?
  40. How many will follow Coventry and QPR’s lead?
  41. An easy to digest reminder of what shite we're in due to The Irish Border.
  42. Defund the BBC.
  43. Boris doing a Cummings?
  44. Charlie Hebdo
  45. Johnson's Brexit - BRINO, or No deal
  46. Ascension Islands Asylum centre location.
  47. Trump tests positive for Coronavirus
  48. Welcoming refugees. Well done Brits!
  49. Great documentary on BBC iplayer about Bury AFC
  50. Which Union is more united today the British one or the European one?
  51. Angela Rayner
  52. Limiting immigration: How do you think it will affect you?
  53. What do we do about Ireland/NI, Tariff Free deal and Fishing
  54. Johnson self isolating after contact with Covid-19 positive MP
  55. The Alternative US Election Thread
  56. The Definition of Evidence
  57. Another US Election Thread
  58. Cavani instagram
  59. How many days until the biggest planned change to the UK economy makes the main Board ?
  60. Race Stand Chat
  61. Tory party urges members to weaponise fake news...
  62. A book of remembrance
  63. Arise SIR Boris Johnson
  64. Christmas Sale
  65. The Pembrokeshire Murders
  66. Capitalism v Socialism
  67. UK Gold censorship
  68. Warning: Abuse and name-calling
  69. EU and AstraZeneca
  70. I wonder how many 'Potter outs' voted for brexit. A correlation analysis is required.
  71. Brentford stop taking the knee.
  72. I can't breathe...in the UK
  73. Your Local Pharmacy
  74. Piers Morgan leaves GMB.
  75. Missing Woman in London
  76. So what happened in Bristol?
  77. What's the point?
  78. Large protest tonight Brighton!
  79. Council Recycling
  80. 'Boris sends gunboats to defend Jersey'
  81. Interesting Mail on Sunday article
  82. Yet another stabbing in London
  83. Booing the knee - Tuesday
  84. Goodbye Bear Pit...
  85. I've just typed a whole answer and it will be heard !
  86. This is what your licence fee goes on
  87. Stamp out racism
  88. taking the knee - what are your thoughts
  89. News
  90. GBNews: anyone watching?
  91. Tories lose Chesham and Amersham
  92. Brexit has made England team better!
  93. Failed Bissouma Effort
  94. Not sure how true, but funny…..
  95. EU puts up wire fencing
  96. BJ 'Levelling Up' Speech - A Masterclass In Gibberish
  97. Nigel Farage joins GB News
  98. Is this what taking back control looks like?
  99. Neil Oliver.
  100. Labour must say it out loud: Brexit needs to be reversed…
  101. Tommy Robinson
  102. Congratulations Boris and Carrie
  103. Some people need to take a chill pill
  104. Sir Ian Botham Trade Envoy to Australia, trade envoy. Did you actually say..
  105. Roy Chubby Brown cancelled
  106. Macron's not a happy lapin
  107. Insulate Britain protests
  108. A Very Grubby Man
  109. Conservative Conference Highlights
  110. Alex Scott, Gary Linekar, Gabby Logan, Gareth Southgate
  111. Cheeky Boys
  112. Green Party Hypocrisy Unbelievable
  113. The "opposition" thread
  114. Is it time for Premier League players to strike??
  115. Colston Four Cleared
  116. Curtains for the BBC...
  117. Cancel Culture
  118. The Under 30's generation.
  119. Black Lives Matter
  120. The remarkable similarities between voting for Brexit and being invaded by Russia.
  121. Liam Byrne in the news
  122. Virgin airlines relaxing Tattoos rules for flight attendants
  123. University research on sport and politics
  124. England players taking the knee causing more problems than it solves
  125. Blocking immigration vans, for or against?
  126. Public disorder in Leicester