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    The Always Ultras:: a tale of WOE

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    With all credit to @dadams2k11, who posted this on the Mr Tumble thread- I think it justifies a thread of its own rather than being lost in amongst Tiny Tears' transfer saga.

    Heated debates on the BBS and Twitter tonight in relation to everybody's favourite black-clad, hoody-wearing, firework-lobbing gang of funsters. It appears they might have thrown their toys out of their pram in a fit of smoke-filled pique, and Palace have called their bluff

    Letter evidently sent out by CPFC to supporters....

    Unique Opportunity to move your season ticket to Lower Holmesdale Block B

    CPFC has been advised by the Holmesdale Fanatics that they will no longer be present as an organised group at the front of block B of the Lower Holmesdale stand.

    The club would like to thank the HF for their fantastic, vibrant and passionate support - especially the brilliant displays at Selhurst Park and their outstanding contribution to the 2013 and 2016 Wembley finals.*

    In collaboration with the group, the Box Office has always held back 100 seats at the front of block B for exclusive use by HF members. As all Palace fans know, this is the most vibrant, passionate and noisy part of the stadium but it has previously been impossible for other supporters to purchase season tickets in this “singing section”.*

    We now have a unique opportunity to offer these seats in the front rows of Lower Holmesdale Block B to vocal supporters who currently have season tickets in other blocks (or further back in Block B) and who would now like to move to this area.

    We expect demand to be extremely high so supporters who are interested in moving to the front of Block B are asked to email the Box Office immediately with their details quoting “Block B” in the subject box.

    Furthermore, the club is very keen for the tradition of flags, banners and drums to continue in the block. If any supporters are interested in this they should e-mail who will be happy to put them in touch with each other and assist in getting approval from the stadium manager and safety officials

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    The lady has foolishly attempted to join the conversation with a wild and dangerous opinion of her own. What half-baked drivel! See how the men look at her with utter contempt.

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