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    *BURSTING someones BALLOON*

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    A funny THING happened to BIG Hilda a FEW days ago, she got on the Number 6 at George STREET in a HUFF as I wouldn't BUY her a FULL English and sat next to a STRANGE old man. He said his NAME was Harry and he BLUE up BALLOONS for KIDS parties and things and he had a BAG of them with him. Hilda did her best to IGNORE him but he was persistent and said he didn't like her IGNORING him and he would never IGNORE anyone.

    Anyway by the TIME they got to WISH Road he was ASKING her if she wanted her to SEE his POODLE made up of BALLOONS ? He then said he had a REALLY long balloon and DID she want to FEEL it ? He obviously didn't KNOW her as she went BALLISTIC and BURST every BALLOON he had as well as CHINNING him and he started shouting saying some little KIDS party had been RUINED as there were no balloons left now and they would CANCEL the party.

    The bus driver kicked them both off at Boundary Road and the WEIRD fellow fled into PORTSALDE but not after he dropped a BUSINESS card saying 'HARRY will TACKLE - balloon FUN and GAMES for PARTIES'. So if anyone has had to cancel a party because of NO balloons then BLAME this weirdo and if I were you then I'd SUE him.

    It just goes to SHOW you never know who is BLOWING up BALLOONS these days.


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