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    Scotland World Cup Winners 1978

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    On the eve of this 2018 World Cup competition, can I please ask that we all pause for a moment and quietly reflect on the 1978 competition, and it's unsung heroes: the Royal Mail Stamp Design Department

    'Scotland's World Cup win stamp makes Postal Museum archive'

    Stamps commemorating Scotland's victory at the 1978 World Cup... are part of an archive of postal history.

    They are held in the new Postal Museum, which is opening in central London.

    As [this] event [never] actually happened, the stamps were never made.

    Ally MacLeod's Tartan Army failed to win football's most coveted trophy....

    The stamp designs will not initially be on public display at the new museum but are part of the archive collection there that can be viewed on special appointment.

    Chris Taft, head of collections at the Postal Museum, told BBC Scotland: "What they (Royal Mail) do occasionally is produce designs of stamps in the expectation of them happening, because obviously these things take time.

    The 1978 Scotland World Cup squad contained stars like Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness and Joe Jordan
    "If Scotland had been fortunate enough to win the World Cup that year, Royal Mail would obviously want to produce a stamp to mark it, and this was produced and designed but sadly never released.

    "They don't do them for every World Cup on the off chance, but that year they obviously decided the chances were high enough to warrant a design."


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