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    And I'm glad he did. But there are people who do great things in their everyday lives who don't get the recognition of Kenny Dalglish. If Dalglish had done the same thing without being a famous footballer, you'd probably never have heard about it. In the same way, I'm sure there are people who did as much or more for Hillsborough families as Kenny Dalglish but who won't get a knighthood. I'd rather see awards given to people like the heroes who dedicate their lives in hospices who often don't even get given a decent wage. But instead, the awards most often get given to people already in the limelight who are have been lavishly rewarded. Actors and sportspeople get far too big a share of these gongs, it's obscene.
    You obviously have no clue about what you are talking about. There have been over 1000 people honoured on this occasion, most are average people who are not famous. The press only pick up on the famous names for obvious reasons. If you believe you know of someone who deserves an award, you can nominate them via the .gov website.
    "Johnny RoastBeef had to keep them all tied up and away from the alarms"


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