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Thread: Scariest Films

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    So I read this last night and thought Yes, I'll watch a scary film Friday night. Most of the films on the list I've seen, and to be honest, as good as some of them are, I wouldn't say they're "scary". Now I've just been annoyed by #18 Audition (Japanese, & odd), it got me wondering as to the last time I saw a film that really was genuinely "scary", and naturally I'd would like to prod the hive-mind of NSC and see what flops out.

    The 3 for me that immediately spring to mind, recent first, are:

    The Descent
    Funny Games (German version)
    Wolf Creek

    I honestly cannot think of any other films that scared me/disturbed me/made me switch off half-way and turn the lights on for a restorative coffee and walk around the flat.

    What am I missing?
    I don't do scary stuff really, but I read this today and, before looking at it I had thought to myself "Don't Look Now". I saw it years ago (around 1980?) on the TV, and it is the only film that has ever kept me awake at night. Extremely well done.
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      The Wickerman and Village of the damned I found quite scary at the time

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      Jaws has a fair few jump out of your seat moments from experience back in 1976.
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      Not a horror film, but Requiem for a Dream is terrifying.
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      Mrs LK was a little disturbed by Jeepers Creepers. I enjoyed it.

      Barbie Mariposa was my scariest film. Pink psychedelic nightmare.
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      The Legend of Hell House for me. Watched as a kid and it's stayed with me.
      The atmospheric score does it.
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      The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

      Dead 'Grandpa' coming back to life as the girl is held captive is terrifying. The fear of the close up of her eyeballs is so well acted. In the end, escaping through a glass window is her only opportunity. She gets to the main road and is saved as 'Leatherface' saws off his own leg in frustration.

      The Exorcist is seriously disturbing with the gradual worsening of the posession.

      I couldn't watch those two films with the lights off.
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      Up the ante. I saw Threads when I was about 9 years old. At the time there was a serious chance of the cold war escalating to...... well, what happened in Threads.

      It was on TV and my mum said that I could watch it because it was important that I understood the reality of what was happening in the world and the possible consequences. She had no idea how horrific it was actually going to be.

      It scared the living f##k out of me. But on the positive side, I've never really been scared by a film since.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Lyndhurst 14 View Post
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      Hereditary came out in the States today, will be going to see it tomorrow to see if it lives up to the hype.

      The fact Toni Collette is in it is a definite plus.
      Just watched the trailer.... looks like it could be good, let us know what you think!

      For me as a kid Iíd plump for Poltergeist, Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween... The Shining scared the shit out of me too. Struggle to watch them nowadays, Iím so jumpy in my older age itís ridiculous. Too worried about picking up my drink in case of a scary bit and I end up wearing my glass of wine as I jump out of my skin!
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      The Conjuring, It Follows, It, The Wailing and The Void.

      A handful of horror films I've enjoyed recently and each with different qualities.

      The Void is a "low budget" offering. Reminded me of Silent Hill and Event Horizon. Quite old school and creative with the art direction. Dark.

      Give them a go anyway - Certainly worth a bash if you haven't seen them. Horror is such a tired and predictable genre these days but I'd argue each of these breathes a bit of fresh air back in to it.


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