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    Have you any experience of curses?

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    Reading the Yaya thread & picking up on the theme of curses.

    Way back I used to work for a businessman who, when no other avenues remained, would put curses on his adversaries.

    (He was white, wealthy, upper-middle class BTW.)

    No dolls and pins, he would simply wish them ill and share the fact... was a no-lose thing to do...

    ...because if a year later, or two or three years later the 'cursee' lost their job/had an accident/got sued/died then the curse had worked...

    ...or if nothing happened, then the curse was still there, waiting for its time.

    Doing so used to give him a great deal of satisfaction.

    I know it sounds utterly stupid and anti-rational, but in my lizard brain I can see some functionality to it. I would prefer not to be walking around with curses upon me, and I think my life chances are better without them. Therefore I try to conduct my life in ways designed to avoid my becoming a cursee.

    Making the world a better place, probably.

    Clever dudes these ancient Africans say I, they had/have some very elegant social constructions in place.

    Ever been cursed or made a curse?


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