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    It was a foul and it was a judo throw deliberate in my opinion Liverpool were playing quite well until then but their heads dropped when Sala went off some retrospective punishment might be seen as appropriate

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      Ramos to Liverpool then, that’s how these things work isn’t it?
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      What exactly do they want, the trophy retrospectively awarded to Liverpool?
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      More this goes on and especially if Salah misses the World Cup then it won't be a Scouser but an Egyptian or Muslim nutter who goes after Ramos
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      First of all Salah did this....

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      Secondly the arm that's entangled with Ramos isn't the side that was injured. He fell heavily on the OTHER shoulder.

      Ramos cynically pulled on the entangled arm to impede Salah but inertia meant they both hit the deck.
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      It's making Liverpool fans look like bad losers. Gamesmanship has always been part of football, if Liverpool had won the match they wouldn't be crying about this.
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      We had our own nasty little F*****.

      Remember Adam?

      oh.. and he is Egyptian ( if I'm not mistaken!)

      just checked.. half Egyptian (dad's side)
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      Quote Originally Posted by Bob'n'weave View Post
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      Just seen a petition with 300k signing for Ramos to be pulled up about 'that' tackle. I can't help feeling that the intention was to get some kind of dig in, I think he just underestimated the full impact of the move he made to bring Salah to ground. IMO he kept Salahs' arm barred long after he needed to.

      All smoke and no fire? Sour grapes? 'All part of the game, move on? Or a cynical nasty illegal move that needs to be kept out of the game.

      Personally, I think we should keep martial arts out of football.
      My thoughts as well...

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      If I was a Liverpool fan, I would have been much more concerned by the players actions towards the keeper at the time of the 3rd goal and at the end.

      When the goal went in, how could no-one be over there geeing him back up? For the good of the team, and the remaining performance, how does the captain at least not go over there and give him all the "chin up" stuff. Then at the end for him again to be on his own, desolated on the floor with no-one coming over.

      Yeah he had a 'mare, yeah, he's probably not good enough for what Liverpool want to achieve, but more worrying for me, was that had the look of some utterly bobbins team spirit.
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      I don't think the modern world can cope anymore.

      Any of us who have played the game (and probably everyone who hasn't: I think that covers all) will know that you like to get a dig in. Make opponents know that they are in for a game. No one really goes in to put someone out of the game.
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