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    If they go down we should sign Will Hughes. Classy player

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      Couple of canny signings and a whole summer of integration says Brighton mid table.
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      Quote Originally Posted by UTT View Post
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      LOL! You lot finished 3 points ahead of us and our boys were nursing hangovers for our final game, squinting at "Arsene we'll miss you" messages flapping behind a plane circling overhead.

      Always had a lot of respect for Brighton for what you've been through over the years but you're losing the plot.

      Mid table team after 1 season in the top flight! Blimey!
      Can't say I disagree.

      The biggest issue for say Brighton and Huddersfield is that the rest of the league now has 38 games to analyse over the summer, and look at how to deal with threats that may have been unknown through this season, but are very much known now. You have to evolve and ensure you strengthen in the right areas, it's no good just throwing the chequebook at it either, like Burnley it isn't necessarily big name PL experienced players, it is players that fit in with your ethos and have the right attitude. You look at the 3 relegated sides, and unlike some seasons when a side goes down because they simply haven't got the talent, these 3 went down on poor attitude and failing team spirits (Swansea perhaps to a lessor extent).
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      Quote Originally Posted by Weststander View Post
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      Without Europa League, you'd be comfortable mid table IMO.

      Europe will take it out on the players, with fully rested teams ready to out-work you in Sunday fixtures. That's the pain of the Europa League.

      Perhaps your Board and Dyche will astutely buy several players this summer, to boost quality in every position?
      Our recruitment team are NOT renowned for their speed and efficiency (eg: the multiple failed bids for Dale Stephens with 50 pence increments) so it would not surprise me completely if we get knocked out of Europe before we have signed anyone.

      The only "firm" rumours seem to be Craig Dawson (WBA) and Joe Bryan (Bristol City). I'd love to land Dawson if only for his ability to score from corners. Mee & Tarkowski are no threat at corners and did not manage a goal between them.
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      Why Cardiff City's free transfers and loan signings will make or break their summer

      How much will Cardiff spend this summer? It’s the question that everyone is asking. Will they copy Brighton and Huddersfield, who both parted with sums in the region of around £50m last year, or follow Burnley’s lead and keep it closer to the £30m mark?

      Only time will tell, although I suspect that Neil Warnock will not be looking to rock the boat too hard. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the side he fields in the opening game of next season is not significantly different to the team that faced Reading in the final game of last season.

      This opening salvo from (quite probably) Welsh Timmy made me laugh, and counter my usual stance of 'everybody said we'd go down, so don't count your chickens'.

      The thought of Cardiff playing at least half the season with a team not significantly different to the team that faced Reading, would have to mean palace wouldn't be bottom after 7 games due to the alphabet.
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