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Thread: Bullsh*t jobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrone Biggums View Post
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    Gender Studies Professor.
    Useless load of old bollocks!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Not Andy Naylor View Post
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      As the author says, if every corporate lawyer or management consultant in the world went on strike today, nobody would notice. If every nurse did the same, there would be catastrophe.
      Or journalist...
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      Climate Change Co-ordinators etc... etc.. in local government.
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      Southern Rail timetable analyst/programmer etc..
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      Quote Originally Posted by Bakero View Post
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      Letting agents.
      Very good at taking your money.
      Hopeless at anything else .
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      Quote Originally Posted by Gwylan View Post
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      You think university lecturers don't have any value? I'd have thought teachers and lecturers were definitely an example of worthwhile jobs? El Presidente may disagree though

      Personally, I've always considered HR people a bit of a waste of time. When I've been recruiting, I've had to write job description, advertise, assess the CVs and do interviews. HR then come in and print out a standard contract - there'd be nothing stopping me doing that and fill out the relevant details. The last job I had employed three people in HR and they never seemed to have anything to do.
      Mrs V's school has entered in to " Consultation " this week due to a shortfall in funding, she has been told her specialist role has gone along with another specialist teacher. They are looking to reduce the wage bill so they are looking to ease the older, more experienced teachers out and get Newly Qualified teachers in. Swingeing cuts to what remains of the TA's too, strangely, " The School leadership Team " have had all their positions ringfenced .... it's always good to get in to management.
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      Customer relations personnel at Ryanair.

      The person who fits indicators to taxis.

      Head of recruitment at Everton.

      Club employed giant flag wavers at The Emirates and Stamford Bridge.

      English teachers in Middlesbrough.
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      Internet forum moderators. I've never in my life seen a need for them. Every forum I've used has always been extremely civil with everyone getting on like one big family.
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      Quote Originally Posted by The Antikythera Mechanism View Post
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      Not forgetting all the leeches salivating over GDPR
      Agreed and that’s just one of many examples of regulation being introduced in a disproportionate fashion.
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      Anything that pays a wage or salary in return for your time surely has value? You can’t call anything a bullshit job therefore? It’s illogical, captain?

      Obviously we all make subjective judgements as to which jobs are more worthy, but most people don’t understand much about or have massive preconceptions and or prejudices if not are just plain ignorant about. Even those we think understand. And who really cares? They all generate income, tax, support families, provide purpose and so forth.

      The author, probably oxford educated or benefiting from some other silver spoon advantage, sounds a bit sneery to me and if ever there’s a bullshit job it’s surely someone writing about and pretending they know everything about everything when it comes to the millions of different jobs out there? Catchy title courting controversy though so good luck to him, will probably sell millions!
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