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    It was interesting watching SSN this morning seeing a report from Huddersfield with Wagner and their owner both framing the fact they haven't been relegated yet as a massive success. Wagner felt no one outside of the locker room, or the club would have predicted that they would still be in the fight for survival. Did any sensible person really think Huddersfield (or any team) would be relegated by the early March? Did enough people for it to be a talking point now?

    It felt a really weird thing to hang their hats on, especially given they are not even in the relegation zone at the moment. If they'd framed it as 'Not many people thought we'd be outside the relegation zone with 9 games to go', you'd maybe say 'yeah, all right', but to be bragging that they haven't mathematically been relegated after 3/4 of the season is weird.
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