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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Reids Sock View Post
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    Maybe as a club we have decided that although we don’t have to we prefer there being a defined difference between the kits.

    Maybe when making fast counter attacks Chris wants them to be able to see clearly with a fraction of a second exactly where the players are.

    The yellow is very distinctive and with the more counter attacking we play away from home there may be some research that shows its 5% easier.

    Or - it could just be to sell more yellow kits as the home is running low?
    Blue is faster than red,

    Norwegian scientists have thrown caution to the wind by proclaiming that the fastest color in the ever-evolving color-to-speed Olympic algorithm is in fact, blue.

    “It’s been proven that blue is faster than other colors,” according to a sprint specialist for the Netherlands, Dai Dai Ntab, quoted in an article by (yes, seriously) the New York Times.
    “Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling.” James E Starrs
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