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    Thanks for the confirmation, I thought this to be the case.

    I know Ash isn't an A grade striker but I always feel that he makes life difficult for any defence he plays against.
    What do you feel he has improved on since being with Burnley
    Time spent playing against Premier League players is always good for anyone's all-round game. His positioning and goalscoring instinct's improved, and he's better at touch passes (not great by any means, but better than he was).

    He's fitter - he spends 90 minutes chasing about as (mostly) a lone striker, and is still sprinting 30 yards to make a defender clear it in a hurry at the end. As far as getting the fans onside goes, anyone who feels that his job is to run through a brick wall and then run through another brick wall for fun, has a head start. Compare him with (say) Hazard for Chelsea this afternoon - there's no doubt that for that specific role, Barnes is a far better bet then Hazard. Not for skill, but for attitude.


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