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    3-5-2 against Chelsea

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    As witnessed today & over the last few weeks, with the players we currently have, we are now in a relegation battle. Our lack of goals scored & our habitual conceding from set pieces is a huge concern. CH says he has worked hard on defending set pieces. This to me raises a few issues 1. Are the coaches getting their tactics across properly to the players? 2. Are the players not taking the info on board? 3. Have the players lost respect for the coaches and have their own agenda? This does get me thinking if the coaching team have all got a bit cosy with the players. I know we went on to get promotion after Calderwood’s departure last season, but I feel in his tenure these defensive frailties wouldn’t have happened. He was a big, no nonsense Jock, who as we saw at the Boro away match, would not suffer fools gladly. Would he stand for these persistent failings? Would he get his point across better? Would his presence give the so called big time Charlie’s & some of the do as you like squad members something to think about & perhaps fear? I don’t personally know any of the coaching squad, but looking on to me, it all looks very comfortable. When you look at West Ham with Moyes, Pshyco & McKinlay. Everton with Allardyce, Lee & Duncan Disorderly, I just think maybe we are missing a bit of Backbone within the setup.
    It’s clear something needs to change in order to stay in the PL. Next week against Chelsea is almost a free game. Chelsea aren’t in the best shape on the pitch, Conte is clearly at loggerheads with Abramovich. So perhaps CH has an opportunity to change the line up. Why not go 3 at the back with Uwe/CG, Duffy, Dunk. Wingbacks Schelotto & Suttner. Midfield of Stephens, Kayal/Propper, Gross. Strikers Murray & Baldock.
    This defence has more physical presence. Although the wingbacks are both defenders I don’t think this is a bad thing as can’t see us outplaying these for 90mins, however both are capable of delivering crosses when attacking. Gross is currently overworked & covering far too much ground trying to support Muzza up top on his own. So with Baldocks introduction, he can get back to doing what he does best creating chances ahead of the other 2 Midfielders. Baldock caused problems as soon as he came on today with his pace, so he can get closer to Muzza to give their defence something to think about. Our 3 wingers are unfortunately, currently out of form so I don’t see them as a real loss. CH could maybe start 1 of the wingers for a wingback on 1 side only, if we wanted a bit more pace/trickery/goal threat? This would give us good options on the bench with wingers who could also replace Baldock if he was struggling. Hemed on for Murray, or you never know we might have some ‘FreshBlood’ by then!!! Why not try the wingers playing on their correct side, getting beyond the full back to the byline and crossing the ball in the box? When defending corners have an offensive player of ours on the half way line in order to take 2 of their players out of our box in order to make it less congested, so we can maybe win the ball and turn them round quicker.
    Also with a cup game at Boro away following, it’s a perfect opportunity to get all the squad members trying this 3-5-2 system out in that match as well.
    This isn’t a knee jerk reaction to today’s performance, as we were far worse at Hudds away. But I look back at Swansea where we scored a lucky one of Muzzas thigh, they should of equalised at the death. West Ham away was great, we scored at key times and caught them at a very low point. Man U was possibly one of our best performances but same old story couldn’t score. Chelsea we compete for 45mins then concede and it’s game over.
    Cmon Chris, Coaches & Squad we’ve come along way together, please don’t let it fizzle out playing the same old same old, which clearly isn’t working. Why not try something different over the next couple of matches prior to getting in to the last 14 matches of this crucial first season in the PL. Try it now please prior to any panic setting in with the last few games to go. At least you will then know if you have a potential Plan B or not.


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