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    Quote Originally Posted by Kosh View Post
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    IF proven to be true, award us the three points and ban him from ever playing football again.

    The only way to stamp out this kind of shit once and for all.

    I'm genuinely sick of these so called role models and the pathetic way they often conduct themselves on the pitch. The disgusting example they set to children, in particular, is utterly contemptible.

    If this was one our our players I'd be saying the exact same thing.

    If indeed proven to be guilty, he ought to be ashamed. Too ashamed to ever walk out on a pitch again. Professional my arse.
    Oh Kosh! I totally agree with your sentiment and gave your original post a thumbs up. Concise, to the point and spot on.

    But then you couldn't help yourself but elaborate could you?

    Football players as role models is a tired cliche. They are just people, some of them really good, some of them complete and utter c***s. If children are set an example of how to behave by the likes of John Terry, Wayne Rooney etc then their parents have done a pretty shitty job.

    You were right anyway, but sometimes less is more.


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