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    Estimate our hardcore support.....

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    In light of the ticket sales for the Palace FA Cup match looking like its going to result in around 10,000 unsold seats in our home end, what do people estimate our current hardcore support to be? And by hardcore I mean fans that will go to pretty much every game they can.

    I don’t post this with any issue towards anyone not going to tomorrow’s match because everyone has their own reasons.

    But it is something I’ve generally had my own thoughts on over the years. For example, in the last few years at the Goldstone I felt it was around the 6-7,000 mark and pretty much the same at Withdean. The time at Priestfield was obviously lower due to the circumstances.

    Now, I think we are probably around the 15-18,000 mark. And I base that on how I honestly think it would be if for example we found ourselves in League 1 in August 2019.

    Of course we get higher attendances but I think this Palace cup tie is a good measure of hardcore support.

    Over to the good folk on here....

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