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Thread: Restaurant 2018

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    Yes thats the place, I have never had a bad steak there nor at Buon Appetitto in Burgess Hill. The best in the area IMHO was The Jolly Tanners in Staplefields but it changed hands and their food went down hill rapidly concentrating more on beer festivals etc.

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      Quote Originally Posted by BensGrandad View Post
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      Yes thats the place, I have never had a bad steak there nor at Buon Appetitto in Burgess Hill
      Fair play but I wouldn’t go to a pasta/pizza place for a steak anyway. BA does really good Italian food.

      The steaks at the Acorn in BH are ok for a chain in my experience but you really need to get out of town for anything decent. The steakhouse on Mill Road was ok when it actually had anything in stock but was so hit and miss it was laughable. Not surprised it bombed.
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      Lunch at Michael Bremner (64 degrees)'s beachfront gaff Murmur last week was, well, uninspiring.

      Set menu of three courses for 20 quid is decent value on he face of. Started with fishcakes, then onto whole plaice and chips and then what was called a cream puff or summat.

      The starter was small and the fishcakes could well have had no fish in them to be honest, as I certainly couldn't taste it. Underseasoned.
      Whole plaice was alright, but it should be. Chips alright, salad pointless.
      Now the worst of it. If you're going to call something a 'puff' you've got to ensure it's light, not dried our dodgy pastrywork.

      There are MUCH better set menus/lunches in this town to spend a score on at Salt Room, Coal Shed, Chilli Pickle, Cin Cin, any of the new pizzerias and many others. Disappointing. Having a value menu does not mean standards should slip. I'm sure there's better cooking to be had at the place but I won't rush back to try it.

      Service is decent and the house white (20 quid a bottle) is okay mind you.

      5/10, just.

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