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    Are we a Championship team playing in the Premier League?

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    Lots of gloomy coverage in the Toon press after yesterday's 0-0.

    This particular bit of analysis was pretty stark arguing that both teams are actually Championship teams operating in the Premier League

    "This is not intended to be unnecessarily disparaging on any of the players on display, but there was a distinct lack of quality on show at St Jamesí Park.
    Though both sides may have made additions during the summer, it is quite obvious that the nucleus of both teams still remain that of a Championship XI. There was mistake after mistake from both teams, and neither really grasped hold of the initiative throughout.

    Neither side has a proven top-flight finisher in their ranks, neither has a player who offers real ingenuity and invention, and neither has a dominant central-midfielder.

    The bottom half of the Premier League really is becoming dislodged from the top-10 teams - and, on the evidence of this, both Newcastle and Brighton face a season-long struggle to survive.

    Benitez needs backing in January, because this team most certainly does lack Premier League quality - and this ponderous 90-minute performance only highlighted that further."

    Better performance for us yesterday and rash to sum up the season based on that 90 minutes. But a decent away point doesn't cover up the Champ players playing in the Premier League criticism which is often used on here especially for our fringe squad players. And aren't all the teams outside the top 6 or perhaps in the bottom 10 open to this "Championship" criticism ?
    I'd say Dunk, Ryan have definitely shown premier league quality this season with others fleetingly especially Gross but how wide off the mark is this ?


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