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    A quick google and the same question has been asked on here, the Netweather forum by Miss Jac, The Everton site Toffeetalk by Miss Toffeejac, on Skybluestalk by Miss Skyblueteacher , on the British comedy forum by Lauren Smith, on the Toontastic forum by Miss Maggie, on the Petforum by Miss Lauren, on ArsenalMania by Miss Gooner, on the QPR forum by Miss QPR, on Stoke's Oatcake forum by Potterteach and on the socialanxietysupport forum once again by Miss Jac. I'm sure there are loads more.

    What to conclude? That a lot of female year 2 teachers are wrestling with their conscience about their refusal to let pupils pee during class time and the opinions of football fans on this matter are extremely important. Stand-up comedians, weather geeks and worriers not so much.
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