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    During the first Amex season I would get along to as many games as I could. My then 16 year old Daughter asked if she could come along to a game. Thus began a love affair with BHA (although she later admitted to coming just to butter me up for things). Season two it was two seats in the upper east and we never missed a game for four years. In 2015 she moved to Wales with her job and I gave up her ticket but she still came down for 'special' games. Last season she again made the long journey down for some games and was there for the Wigan game and between us we cried for the Albion. She became a very good friend of David Stockdale, including getting him to send me a birthday video. At the beginning of this season she sent me a lucky charm bracelet. That idiot you see taking a photo of it at every home & away game, that's me. She was on holiday for the Swansea game but we chatted via video. The last video was just after the final whistle.
    She died Saturday night.
    I'm not after anything, just needed to chat with my friends, I know you are all there.
    Hug your kids tonight and tell them you love them.


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