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    After the first three games, we looked a little out of our depth. But nearly everyone in the team has improved with every game and and we now look very composed and comfortable as this level. We can hold our own against almost anyone and are exceeding expectations.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Bozza View Post
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      With 10 games now played, it means we've just cross the quarter way point of the season.

      Before the season started I'd have taken 12th spot all day long, but I still find myself feeling we should have 2-5 more points on the board and sitting very nicely in the top half of the table.

      Most pleasing is the way we are very much look the Premier League part, strongly competitive against those sides we need to be competing with.
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      Really happy. And I firmly believe the best is yet to come, we're just settling in. Love it.

      And getting a result against Stains when we didn't even bother turning up for the first half is a good sign in my book.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Bob! View Post
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      So, converting those 3 points into 12 points (putting us into 3rd place) would only make you VERY happy!
      Yep. Maybe very, very. It isn’t, or wasn’t, beyond the realms of possibility picks up the 3 points in each of the aforementioned games was it?
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      Happy and will be very happy if our average points per game stays the same.... and will be ecstatic if we finish anywhere higher than 16th!
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      Very happy. We look comfortable in this division. Only games I've been disappointed with are Bournemouth and Southampton.
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      Glass definitely half full!Think the players have coped admirably with their new mates and going up a level.Dunk,Duffy,Gross,and Murray look comfortable,and Izqierdo is very promising.Think we just need to be realistic,and see if we strengthen in January.Mid-lower end of season,onwards and upwards
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      Very happy.....We will have a bumpy journey at some point I am sure but if you had predicted we would have this many points after 10 games I would have been very sceptical. We've done well for new boys and we don't look out of depth. Supporters must always remember how far we have come in recent years, a draw against Saints might be disappointing to some.....but come on it was against a well established Premier league team who are a few years in front of us.
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      More points than games played which can't be sniffed at - 6th in the last 5 form table as well which is excellent.

      my slight concern is I really felt that Newcastle or Hudds would struggle and be down in the relegation zone and they're not. Some shocking starts for Palace, Bournemouth, Everton, West Ham granted but worry some will start to pick up

      ...maybe I just worry too much
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      I am very pleased with performances. Less pleased with points. And less pleased again with the points some of our relegation contenders have picked up away from home or against the top six.
      So far so good, but if we have a run of bad luck and one of the relegation contenders below us find a bit of form we could easily be bottom four by Christmas.


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