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    I agree they will make a fortune but they won't get 99% positivity.. Money is not the right reason for doing it though. And their private lives won't be their own ever again. And what about their partners who may never want to be in the spotlight but suddenly be thrust into it.

    Fame is horrible if you don't court it or want it.
    I probably should have said 99% of crowds will either be ambivalent or positive. But in a way, simply ignoring the first openly gay player would actually be the most respectful thing to do. My point is that I think the player would get very little (if any) abuse, firstly because the vast majority of people obviously aren’t homophobic and secondly because the spotlight on the PL is simply too great. The idiots just won’t get away with it once a player comes out and attention on this issue is ramped up to the max. It needs to happen, it will happen and it will be good for everybody when it does.

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