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Thread: May's P45

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    May is absolutely woeful. I speak as somebody who has voted for the Conservatives in all four general elections since I turned 18 and agree with the majority of what they stand for, but I just cannot find any redeeming feature in this awful PM. She strikes me as somebody who is probably very competent in a job away from the spotlight, but when it comes to leading the party (let alone the country!), taking big decisions, standing up for what she believes in and having the personality and ability to connect with people she is so far out of her depth. In fact, she's surely the worst Conservative or Labour leader I can remember - and I remember Iain Duncan Smith. Get her out, do whatever it takes to get rid of her. Tactically it might be better to let her take the flak for another year or two but surely our country deserves a strong leader and somebody who doesn't look like she's about to shit her pants every time she has to speak in public.

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