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    Nope. Complexity doesn't come into it other than if there is a specific point of law but in that case a bench of three will always have a legal advisor who is a qualified solicitor or barrister (A DJ is a qualified solicitor in his/her own right).

    On the second point, there is some anecdotal evidence that juries are reluctant to convict in certain cases due to the perceived harshness of the punishment compared to the nature of the offence (for example an 18 year old bloke pinches a 17 year old girl's bum in a nightclub for a laugh, technically that's indecent assault and so, if convicted, he faces going on the Sex Offenders Register; a jury might think this too onerous and find him not guilty)
    You can say "nope" but seeing as I have personal experience of exactly that happening then I'll have to disagree. Unless one of the best solicitors in the country was giving duff advice and the magistrate involved was a liar of course. Who knows?


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