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    Calssic witty/Amusing Player Nicknames

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    PAFC fan in peace here...good to see you get off the mark...most of us down here still remember the support we got from you guys in the dark days of Admin.

    So whilst completely bored on holiday I started thinking about all the weird and amusing nicknames we have had for various Plymouth how many clubs have common themes...we all have a Psycho, many of us have a Beast , Animal or Trigger in our history

    But it also reminded me of the funny and unusual ones and I figured most clubs have some what are the Brighton ones?

    I particularly like One Size for Fitz Hall, and from Rugby union Nobody for John Eales ( because Nobodys's perfect!) and "Live fast" Dai Young!!

    There's also a rugby player ( Aussie or All black) nicknamed Anthem because the player he understudies means he only gets on the pitch for the playing of the National Anthems..cruel but funny.

    Cheers and lets hope we can catch you up one day!


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