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    Brighton vs Crystal Palace futures.

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    I was thinking about out history for the last 20 years and our position relative to Palace. I think all sensible posters would admit that we've been the poor relation for a long time now, even before Hereford.

    So, is this the moment that we will look back on and say, "Our first season in the Premier League was when the roles changed"?

    I'm not saying it's a foregone conclusion we'll stay up. As we're aware, events can derail plans, but there appears so much more to be optimistic about being a Brighton fan now and for the future than being Palace.

    Such as:
    I. Chairman who's first and foremost a fan and on evidence so far, is not out to make money from his investment. No dodgy foreign investors who want to interfere and/or make a tidy profit.
    2. New, classy stadium.
    3. New, state-of-the-art training facility.
    4. A group of managers/directors who seem to be on the same page.
    5. Plans to develop our own players - yes, it will take time and the majority won't make it, but that's football.
    6. Not willing to risk the club on marquee signings just to satisfy some of the critics.

    Compare this to Palace. They need to survive as their wages bill is so high. The stadium is, well, more like start-of-the-ark. Parish I think has done on OK job, but he's made a mistake with the yanks and relegation would hurt them bad.

    It's not unreasonable to imagine a Palace relegation and us surviving and then building on that for next season. We won't be the new boys, so players may be more willing to risk signing if they feel we have a better chance of survival.


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