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    Brighton's Moneyball Window

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    Interesting article:

    "If exploiting inefficiencies is the motto of a real Moneyball team, then Brighton’s summer transfer window was as Moneyball as it gets. One such inefficiency is the clamour for Premier League experience. Theory goes that a player who has already performed for one team in the league is more likely to replicate that than if he came from another league. While Championship or Austrian Bundesliga players are indeed likely to perform less well than in the Premier League, this effect is often as unpredictable as it is intuitive."

    "Brighton are uninterested in the lack of value in the domestic market, and have actively bought from the European market where there is a higher bang for your buck. According to Transfermarkt, Swansea City have spent roughly £45million this window, receiving three first team players permanently and two on loan. Brighton, however, have only spent roughly £42million, but have signed eight first-team players on permanent deals, as well as taking two players on loan."

    All of it here >>>


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