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Thread: iPhone X

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triggaaar View Post
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    Even the plus is bigger than the iPhone X isn't it?

    I was interested in the hype for the S8, I thought it might be the phone for me, but I think it was a massive fail (no offense to those who got it). I'm sure the iPhone X will be a lot better, so I'm not suggesting it's not worth more. And maybe I'm wrong about which model you should compare to the X, but the S8 is the one that makes sense to me. Samsung's flagships tend to be the S, and the Note is their bigger phablet style thing and not really comparable IMO.
    Interesting it has reviewed really well everywhere. Under the hood it appears both the s8 and s8 plus are high specced than iPhone X

    I have the s7 edge and think it's amazing

    Why would you say it's a failure?

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