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    Joey Barton said about Hodgson this morning on talksport
    " he needs taking out into the garden and somebody pull the trigger"

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      Crystal Palace Football Club have this morning parted company with Frank de Boer.

      We would like to thank Frank for his dedication and hard work during his time at the Club.

      A new manager will be appointed in due course and we wish Frank the very best of luck for the future.

      There will be no further comment at this time.

      76 days.

      "Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts"
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      I think they have made a big mistake letting him go. I thought Palace were starting to find their shape for large parts of the game yesterday and were unlucky not to win by a few goals to be fair. (Although Burnley were pretty awful)

      Let's hope Roy completely ****s around with the team
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      Quote Originally Posted by Springal View Post
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      They spent more time making that video than he was in charge
      That is awful – but maybe it's meant to be and I'm missing the joke

      Just under 12 seconds of footage looped three times? I get the overall sentiment, but... WTF?
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      Simon Jordan, "Palace could be the Manchester United of the South" - That is why I love having the gypsies as our rivals
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      Quote Originally Posted by dwayne View Post
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      Sadly they have a pretty good squad and Roy will get them organised

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      He's going to have to get a shift on to get to the 'magic' 40 points though. Palace have played one of last season's top 7. This is still the same squad that came a gnat's wotsit away from being relegated. They have realistically got 23 games to get those points....or, as they usually do, find three worse teams to bale them out. I have a feeling this could be a tall order
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      They will be back to playing 4-4-2 no doubt and direct football which will prob help them. lol I love these ideas every few years to bring in manager which will produce great passing football. Within 6 months there gone and they go and find another dinosaur to pull them out of trouble.
      Shame as a few of FDB signings won't get a look in now.
      Expect they will give Roy a load of cash in January to try and save the situation.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Easy 10 View Post
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      "Frank had prepared a long presentation about himself and he researched about the club and where we were. He took a lot of time and trouble to articulate what his philosophy, thinking and feelings were about the club and what he could achieve. We spoke about Inter and what went wrong and what lessons he learnt there."

      "We are hoping not to just improve the first team but to look at the whole set-up of the club and use his knowledge, experience and probably the blueprint of a club that does things the right way in Ajax. It's about improving players and buying the right talent at the right age."

      De Boer is Palace's first foreign permanent manager.

      "It's not about whether they're British or foreign, it's knowledge and belief," said Parish. "For example, when I look at a manager from abroad in the middle of the season, they don't know a lot of our squad. They have to come over, find a house, get their family settled. By then, two, three or four games have gone by. We now have six or seven weeks of full pre-season and someone who speaks very good English and good knowledge of the world game."

      - S Parish, 26th June.

      I'm sticking that on twitter.
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      4 games. That's so funny if this is true. To change a footballing style and re-structuring of a complete philosophy on how the game should be played. 4 bloody games.
      Oh dear stop it please, it's hurting now.
      So, many, many thanks and see you soon, because it’s not a goodbye, I know I will come back, I have to.
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      Quote Originally Posted by wellquickwoody View Post
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      That's got to be upsetting especially if they scroll down and find the previous article was this

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