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    Garth Crooks/Team of the Week

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    It starts off well with Garth picking Gross in his team of the week.

    Then, in the pick your own team of the week section, you can pick up to 5 Brighton players (Dunk, Duffy, Gross, March and Hemed)

    And then there's Garth's analysis under Gross:-

    I heard Brighton boss Chris Hughton say on Football Focus this weekend how he was realistic enough to accept that he is in a different league to quite a number of teams in the Premiership.

    Well, the reality is he is in the same league whether he likes it or not and he had better tell his owners the truth - Brighton will not survive the season unless they buy in the January transfer window, having failed to make an impact in August.

    Make no mistake, Brighton's victory over West Brom was a fantastic effort, particularly under the circumstances. But don't be fooled, this Brighton side is not good enough to survive in its current state. Gross' brilliant two-goal performance against the Baggies is merely papering over the cracks.

    Even Tony Pulis, who is normally very protective of his players in public, had to come clean and criticise their attitude after the game. Brighton cannot survive on the occasional charitable offer from teams who can't be bothered and that's what West Brom's performance amounted to.

    Other teams, even in the league Hughton and his owners think they are in, won't be offering such lame performances as West Brom in the future.
    What a CJTC


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